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,You are a new student. This is the first time you have been exposed to a new thing new martial arts, new friends, a new environment. Starting from your first day of learning to make your start easier, veteran students or school counselors working with me will be joining you in the initial stage during the class and practicing with you as the new student your first lessons. You will immediately feel relieved, the pressure will drop and all attention will be directed to learning and doing. Just as you will learn .in Hong Kong, which is in China, all attention will be directed toward you Initial accompaniment by adult students greatly facilitates the absorption of the new student and paves the way for a pleasant and convenient way of learning. Students in
need of assistance and reinforcement can find the Friday morning group in addition to classes .throughout the week. There the student can add and practice and improve their studies

:Let us get to know the teaching staff in the school

צילום מסך 2019-10-27 ב-16.06.19.Yam Barak: Hi-Tech. musician, martial arts instructor
Yam is everything. Friday morning coordinator, a practice group for all school students. Starting from the new student in need of help to the advanced student in need of polishing. He will always be there for you. All you have to do is come to class on Friday morning. Coffee is on us. For Yam:Yambarak@gmail.com


צילום מסך 2019-10-27 ב-16.07.45Shai Malkin: Kibbutz Mathematician Kibbutz member, Martial Arts Instructor The beginning of the new student in his studies is fraught with many questions and initial difficulties. Shai will help you the new student in your absorption with a pleasantness and softness. Shai will guide you step by step with patience and tolerance. For Shai: malkinshay@gmail.com


צילום מסך 2019-10-27 ב-16.05.54Osher Aaron: Hi-Tech Moshav member, Martial Arts Instructor. Oshri will make sure that your work is done in a perfectionist manner. Oshri is sharp and precise and will help you succeed. He will not give up on you. Oshri will practice with you again and again in great precision and will never let you give up. Always smiles, has patience and a strong will to succeed. For Osher: a. osher16@gmail.com


צילום מסך 2019-10-28 ב-0.55.59Ran Shimoni: Tel Aviv University physicist, Martial Arts Instructor .Eran coordinates the children niche .With his great gentleness and endless patience Eran accompanies the new young students. From their initial absorption to their study and understanding of the material thoroughly. Always with a wide smile and open arms, Eran will provide your child the   full attention that your loved ones deserveFor Eran:eranshimoni@maul.tau.ac.il


unnamed (6)Liran Yakubov. School Physical Fitness Coordinator, Physical Fitness Instructor Liran is a Wingate Gym and Personal Training Guide graduate.Whenever we engage in physical activity, Liran is here. He will make sure to get you in shape safely and successfully. In addition, Liran is a diabetes coordinator and works with a student audience that require constant suoervision and personal accompaniment. Proper
Nutrition, Physical Fitness, Counseling and Guidance, Accompaniment and Training: Liran is here for you. For Liran: lirab65b@gmail.com

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