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.The Wing Chun wooden dummy is used by practitioners in several work categories

First category: the combination of hand movements between work heights, ie up and down
We call it double replacement. We incorporate the practice of incorporating the legs into the work set, ie the legs move with the combination of the hands and thus we learn to improve the work of the pelvis. We learn to manipulate the whole body as a single unit. The pelvis movement in Wing Chun is very important. Because we are a short-term fighter with our opponent our movement is influenced by the use of the pelvis. This is similar to a vehicle that wants to make a sharp turn to the right or left and in order to  do this, it must rotate the steering wheel. The pelvis is our steering wheel.In the Wing Chun wooden dummy we practice .work on the wooden dummy is a 45 and 90 degree or a right angle

Second category: Improvement of the work technique. By practicing a puppet, the student learns to improve his movement and thus improves his fighting technique. The Wing Chun wooden dummy is divided into 116 techniques divided into 17 parts according to Ip Man. Each learning session deals with a certain height, a different technique, both in defense and in attack. In order to understand the Wing Chun wooden dummy every movement and every application has a name. The wooden dummy is divided into work heights: Up: Ling, Center: Flam, Down Pak. Working on the wooden dummy allows me to connect the movements I learned and create combined movements. For example: Combined Tan Sao movement with Kan Sao will become Gan Sao. Here I created a new movement by combining two movements. Here .the wooden dummy is helping me practice

Category Three: Developing and Implementing Martial Skills. Having practiced double swapping skills, I practice folding, ie height, grip, pull, and integration with the double swapping movements. Learning and understanding the doll is not difficult and makes learning martial arts .easier and productive. At school, we teach the 116 techniques of Ip Man
Attached is my video, note the work of replacing the hands at work heights

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